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Association of historic dances was founded in May 2013 by group of dances, who make presentations and dances in historic dresses for some time in other association and by some newly insipired members. The love for dance and keen on time long past when etiquette was the firt priority led us to it. The life of ladies and gentleman was driven by strict social rules. Dance was a nice way to express feelings and emotions. Our intention is to dance with tones of old music and therefore we decided to dedicate this association to the time of Biedermeier. We are constantly improving and educating in the way of dance under the leadership of two dance masters - husband and wife the Prouzas from Hradec Kralove. All our member have dresses made according to historic illustrations.

We perform not only on celebrations, palace gardens but also on social gatherings and balls. We can arrange our show according to the needs of organizers.