Our association was founded on the base of separation from the orginal association which has a slightly different filosofy and we wanted to profile as a dancers association. All the members of the new association are followers of the ballroom dance and we realize that the right stage is the dancing one as the huge success and interest from the audience made us see that. The dance consumed us so much that we have no time for the presentation in historic dresses during occasions of social meetings which we have done before. This dancing activities are more inspirational and more impressive in compare with what we have done before.

We dance in outstanding ladie‘s garments and gentlemen‘s dress suits from the time of Biedermaier, which is to say first half of 19th century. Costumes of ladies were characterized by subtile waist and wide skirts which were stiffened by crinolines with hard hoops. It made to see feminity and its gentle and impressive curves of their bodies. There were complicated hair creations. The hair above forehead was made up high and curls were made on sides of the head. Gentlemen danced in black dress suits to excel their reverence and dignity.

This can be seen on our shows. We have done countless of them in our region or outside. We can name for example Association of students of Medical faculty University Hradec Kralove, Hradec Kralove’s city ball, the both action took place in Congress center Aldis, City ball on the Castle Chlumec nad Cidlinou, performance on conference of Insurance Company UNIQA in Plzen and many more.

The priceless credit on that have the dance masters wife and husband Prouzas from Hradec Kralove, who are founders of this project. We hope even if we have a differently named association we will keep our followers and audition of ball season and their organizers a we will help by our inovation to more extraordinary experience.